Harnessing the Power of Digital Assets

Our primary directive is to acquire and monetize digital assets in what we consider to be the biggest land rush since the start of the Dot-Com Boom 20 years ago.

Three Areas of Focus

Liquidity Pools

We constantly monitor crypto markets in search of high-volume tokens to capture liquidity pool fees, contributing to our revenue model for stakeholders.

Crypto Staking

Acquiring companies and stake in their success and growth in the crypto assets space is key to growing the overall portfolio strength.

NFT & Metaverse

We believe the Metaverse is the future of the internet. NFT assets allow us to own a part of that future as well as a stake in the emerging marketplaces it represents.

Liquidity Pools (LP)

The ability to trade assets from one to another is backed by Liquidity Pools which generally contain a balance between both underlying tokens. Our goal is to invest heavily in liquidity pools to bring a strong return on investment to the company. 

What is a Liquidity Pool?

Just like with traditional markets, crypto traders can encounter a difference between the expected price and the executed price. Decentralized crypto exchanges (DEX), like Uniswap ( aim to eliminate the issues of illiquid markets by giving incentives to its users and providing liquidity for a share of trading fees. Liquidity providers like Metavesco lock up crypto in a smart contract that facilitates trades efficiently by eliminating the gap between the buyers and sellers of crypto tokens, making trades on DEX markets easy and reliable.

What is Crypto Staking?

PoS assets are tokens use to secure and validate the blockchain, like a “crypto miner”.
Crypto stakers directly invest in cryptocurrencies and use that ownership to validate blocks and maintain network security. The more you stake, the greater the potential reward.

What is Staking?

Proof of Stake has emerged as an alternative to Proof of Work (like Bitcoin and Ethereum 1.0), increasing speed and efficiency with lower energy costs. Proof of Stake transactions are validated by people who are literally invested in the blockchain via staking. Staked tokens are generally locked up for a period of time and rewards are earned based on the time they are locked up.

NFT & Metaverse

The NFT assets we seek to acquire across the growing Metaverse present limitless potential in Digital Land investments, Brand Creation opportunities and market share growth.

Our portfolio contains digital assets known as NFT’s to include Digital Real Estate in metaverse platforms. These assets may be used for licensing and royalty income. The NFT assets have multiple use cases in addition to the appreciation in the underlying digital asset. The Metaverse is a key platform where the power of acquired assets may be used to grow our portfolio faster and stronger than traditional asset acquisitions allow.

Metavesco is Diving Deep into the

The Otherside is part galaxy and part archipelago, with islands extending from the Biogenic Swamp at the center and roiling outwards to the Infinite Expanse. There are five sediments that lands are built upon: Biogenic Swamp, Chemical Goo, Rainbow Atmos, Cosmic Dream, and Infinite Expanse. Your Otherdeed is the key to a unique blend of environment, sediment, and treasures — some with resources, some home to powerful artifacts. And on a very few, a Koda roams.


*Metavesco is heavily invested in Otherside Meta NFTs, a project created by Yuga Labs.
Content in this section sourced from the Otherside website located at

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