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About Us

Metavesco Inc. is a pioneering holding company focused on acquiring and nurturing innovative businesses in both digital and traditional sectors. Our mission is to drive growth through strategic investments in emerging technologies and established industries

Innovation, Integrity, and Growth

the core values of

Metavesco Inc.

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Our Companies

Why to invest in $MVCO?

Metavesco Inc. boasts a diverse portfolio of innovative companies that drive growth and value.


Bitcoin Mining

Metavesco Inc. is at the forefront of Bitcoin mining, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and sustainable practices to maximize efficiency and profitability. Our Bitcoin mining operations are designed to be environmentally conscious and highly effective.

Hashpower p/H
coin mvco
Specialty Coffee On-Demand

Boring Brew

Boring Brew is a premier specialty coffee brand celebrated for its unique packaging and high-quality coffee beans sourced from around the globe. Metavesco’s acquisition of Boring Brew marks a significant milestone in our strategy, bridging the worlds of digital assets, like BAYC NFTs, with traditional retail products such as coffee. Discover more about Boring Brew and our innovative vision.

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